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Can I get someone to hang my curtains?

Installing curtains can really complete the look of a room. However getting curtains to hang properly is an art that not everyone has mastered. If you feel your curtains are beyond your DIY capabilities, hiring a professional may be the way to go. This article looks at curtain installation help options.

Can I get someone to hang my curtains?

Why Hire a Professional?

Hanging curtains seems simple, but getting them to hang correctly takes skill and precision. Here are some top reasons to get help with hanging curtains:

  • Achieve an expert finish – Professionals have years of experience getting perfect precision, folds, gathers, and pleats. They have the right tools and techniques.
  • Save time – Getting curtains “just right” is very tedious and time consuming, especially for larger windows. Pros work fast.
  • Avoid frustration – Redoing curtains due to uneven lengths, incorrect hanging height, and other issues is frustrating. Hiring help avoids this.
  • Have curtains made to measure – Getting a professional to make curtains to the exact measurements means they’ll fit perfectly right away.

Professional Curtain Hanging Services

If you decide to hire a pro, here are options to consider:

Interior Decorators

  • Interior decorators help design entire rooms in your home. Part of their service includes dressing windows. They’ll ensure your curtains fit the room’s decor.
  • Cost: $$-$$$ per room

Window Treatment Specialists

  • These specialists focus exclusively on designing, making, and installing window treatments. They have immense expertise when it comes to curtains.
  • Cost: $$ per window

Handyman Services

  • General handyman services may offer curtain installation. They have basic skills in this area.
  • Cost: $-$$ per window

Freelance Laborers

  • Sites like TaskRabbit can connect you with freelance helpers able to assist with basic curtain hanging jobs. No special expertise.
  • Cost: $-$$ per window

Before Hiring Someone

To ensure you have a good experience getting pro help with your curtains, here are some tips:

Set Your Expectations

Be clear on what you want done and a reasonable timeline. Understand if additional costs may come up.

Get a Detailed Quote

Get quotes from at least 3 companies detailing exactly what they’ll provide for the price.

Verify Experience

Ask about previous relevant experience and check reviews to confirm quality of work.

Check for a Warranty

Reputable professionals should provide a warranty of labor for 1-5 years should any issues arise.

Provide All Needed Equipment

Supply any curtains, rods, hangers, and additional hardware needed so they can focus on proper installation.

How Much Does Professional Curtain Hanging Cost?

The cost to hire someone to hang curtains really varies based on factors like:

  • Your location
  • Size and number of windows
  • Type of curtains selected
  • Additional installation needs like adding rods or hangers

As a rough guide, expect to spend:

  • Short, basic installation job: $100+
  • Longer complex installation with high-end curtains: $300+

Be sure the quote separates any design, materials, or making of the curtains from the hanging and installation costs.

DIY Curtain Installation Tips

If hiring someone is outside your budget, with the right tools and patience, you can do it yourself:

Gather Supplies

  • Curtain rod – ensure correct length and hardware to mount securely
  • Curtain rings/hooks – ball rings for grommet top curtains or clip hooks for tab top
  • Screwdriver & drill
  • Step stool
  • Tape measure

Measure Twice

  • Determine ideal rod height and curtain length for each window.
  • Mark where to attach rod brackets. They go 1 to 6 inches above the window frame.

Mount Rod Securely

  • Use wall anchors if drilling into drywall.
  • Get screws/bolts firmly into wall studs for heavy curtains.
  • Make sure brackets are level using a small spirit level tool.

Attach Curtains Evenly

  • Start 1 hook in the middle, then space remaining evenly.
  • Ensure same number of clips on both curtain panels.

Check Fitting

  • Draw curtains closed and look for gaps at the edges or ceiling.
  • Reattach rings to adjust.

Key Takeaway

  • Achieving an expert curtain installation is harder than it looks. Don’t be afraid to hire a window treatment pro to save time and frustration – they have the right techniques and tools.
  • Shop around for quotes and verify reviews first. Provide all necessary hardware.
  • With patience as a DIY, the right planning and measurements make achieving a quality installation possible.


Getting your curtains looking perfect using quality rods, well-fitted panels, and professional precision in hanging to elevate any room. Whether you want to try DIY or call in an expert, this article provided tips to gaining those designer-worthy window treatments.

With the right information on costs, what to expect, and how to get started, you’ll gain confidence for your next curtain project.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much does it cost to hire someone to hang curtains?
    Prices typically range from $100 for a simple short installation job to over $300 for complex, custom window treatments across large spaces and high-end materials. Get quotes from professionals detailing exact services.

  2. Where should curtain rods be mounted?
    As a general rule of thumb, mount a curtain rod about 1-6 inches above the window frame and around 4-6 inches wider than the window’s width to give sufficient space for the window treatment to function properly. Consider the height of ceilings and window placement too.

  3. Do you mount the curtain rod to the wall or ceiling?
    Curtain rods can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, or in some cases inside the window frame. Choose secure hardware anchored properly to support the rod and curtain weight. Wall mounting often provides easiest access during installation.

  4. What tools do you need to hang curtains?
    Basic tools like a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, level, step stool or ladder are must-haves. Heavy duty anchors, screws, and bolts are also key for securely mounting curtain hardware into studs or masonry. Pencil, safety glasses, and muscle help!

  5. How do you hang blackout curtains?
    Blackout curtain installation follows the same process as regular curtains. Ensure you have sufficient overlap in the middle and secure hooks/rings around all edges for full light blockage. If light still gets through gaps, consider adding an adhesive-backed weather seal trim.

  6. Can you hang curtains without nails?
    Yes, alternatives like adhesive hanger hooks, velcro-based systems, and pressure-mounted tension rods avoid putting holes in walls while keeping rods supported. These tend to handle lighter-weight curtains only. Look for no-nails systems rated for your curtain hardware weight needs.
  7. How do you hang curtains on a bay window?
    Use extension or specialized bay window curtain rods able to flex with multiple angles across a bay window. Add corner connector hardware if needed. Alternately, installing separate standard straight rods on each section may be easier although will not look as seamless. Consider inside mount blinds paired with valence treatments too.

  8. Where should you start and end when hanging curtains?
    It’s best practice to start by installing a curtain ring or hook closest to the center point of the rod first. Then hang rings at equal intervals moving outwards on both sides. Hanging side curtains panels aligned is key for proper function and visual balance.

  9. How do you hang pencil pleat curtains?
    Pencil pleat headings have spaced holes for fasteners. Use screw eyes inserted in the pleat backs on the curtain, using care not to pull fabric. Clip support hooks between each pleat to connect the rings on the curtain to the pole rings for smooth operation.

  10. How do I hang my curtains higher?
    o raise curtains, you’ll need to move the entire curtain rod mounting brackets upwards. Use a stud finder and level to mark and install new screw positions higher from the window. Re-mount the brackets and rod before hanging curtains again at the new perfect height.

  11. How do you hang curtains around a corner?
    Use an L-shaped curtain rod with corner connector. Take precise measurements and account for room intricacies before ordering. Mount securely into ceiling and side wall with specialty hardware. Clip rings judiciously for proper curtain movement and overlap through the corner.

  12. How do you keep curtains straight?
    Using enough rings so they do not sag, along with precisely leveled mounting ensures curtains hang straight. Look for heading tape along tops of panels. Draw cords or weights in bottom hems also keeps panels tidy, straight, and functioning smoothly.

  13. Can you hang curtains with Command strips?
    Yes, Command adhesive strips work well for hanging lightweight curtains without tools on certain surfaces. Use the strips rated to hold appropriate weight. Clean surfaces thoroughly and press adhesive firmly before hanging rods to ensure strips stick.

  14. How do you hang a shower curtain?
    Standard straight spring tension rods easily fit most tub surrounds. Extend to fit snugly across tub edges. Install curve-shaped rods to slope with rounded surrounds. Ensure plastic shower curtain liners hang inside tub. Hang pretty outer curtain facing into bathroom space proper moisture protection.

  15. How do you hang silk curtains?
    Luxurious silk drapes require delicate handling and sufficient support. Layer quality silk under sheer linings to protect them. Shoulder padded hanger hooks prevent rips. Ensure thick bracket fittings, ordered taller rods, and firmly secured into multiple ceiling studs support the weight.

  16. How much weight can a curtain rod hold?
    Standard home curtain rods hold 7-15 pounds before sagging or pulling out of the wall. Opt for specialty industrial-rated rods, wall-to-wall telescoping support rods, or ceiling mounted tracks systems to handle very heavy drapes up to 40+ pounds per panel properly.

  17. Where to position curtains behind couch?
    Hanging curtains wider than the window itself provides flexibility for furniture arrangements. Position panel mountings so curtains start 8-12 inches beyond outside couch arms when closed. This prevents them catching on furniture corners when drawn.

  18. Why are my curtains twisting?
    Insufficient rings or sagging rods lead to twisted curtains gathering unevenly to one side over time. Reconfigure rings evenly across the panel width using 1 ring per 2 inches of rod. Straighten and re-support mounting hardware. Consider weights along bottom hems too.

  19. How do you hang thermal curtains?
    Follow standard lining curtains directly to windows, then hang decorative front curtains on wider separate drapery rods mounted forwards to envelop windows entirely. This improves insulation while still allowing curtain movement and window accessibility behind.

  20. Can you steam curtains while hanging?
    Yes, you can carefully steam curtains in place on the rod rather than removing and pressing. Use lowest heat setting held back at least 12 inches. Avoid extended direct contact with any one area to prevent water markings. Have a helper reposition panels as you go for wrinkle release.

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