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AC Maintenance companies for AC Repair in Abu Dhabi

To protect your Air Conditioning system or any unnecessary AC Repairs, it’s very important to take care of your Air Conditioning System, especially in the summer season if you are living in UAE.

If you are facing issues or problems with AC at your home or office and looking for instant AC Maintenance & service from a qualified and professional company in the UAE, then FIXERS is ready to help you with AC Maintenance & Repair. We provide quality services for AC Maintenance and Repair Services in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices. Just get relaxed and let our Ac Technicians solve your issues in the right way.

FIXERS has a qualified, highly trained, and expert team for Home Maintenance & Repair and certified AC Technicians who will deliver the best quality service across the UAE.

Our Air Conditioning Services include:

  • AC Installation Services – Installation of new AC units.
  • AC Repair Services – Repairing and Fixing issues of your AC for all kinds of AC.
  • Ac Maintenance Services – Cleaning and maintaining your AC to prevent it from faults.
  • FIXERS provides you the opportunity to save money with our AC Maintenance Packages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Air Conditioning Services in Abu Dhabi

Our company is leading among all the companies for Ac Maintenance & AC repair services in Abu Dhabi. We have a team of professionals and experts that know how to do a job perfectly and effectively.

We mostly acknowledge and face these common problems that we need to fix:

  • Cleaning of fan
  • Faulty pressure sensors and temperature
  • Cleaning filters and variable air valves
  • Loose fittings noise or vibration
  • Faulty belts of fans
  • Dust and sand in motor bearings
  • Blocking of AC drain outlets
  • Faults in motors, timers, and relays
  • Faults in thermostat control
  • Blocked filters or dirty air diffusers

AC Contracting Services

Livisis’s proficiency in HVAC system design, calculations, installs, testing, commissioning, maintenance, etc. makes it a trustworthy AC Contractor in Dubai. We provide a variety of air conditioning services (including chilled water systems, ducted split systems, wall-mounted split systems, packaged air conditioning systems, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, and ventilation systems), as well as duct works, maintenance (FAHU, FCU, duct, insulation maintenance, etc.), and more (Fresh Air and Exhaust System). All of these services will go through a thorough process of Value Engineering, with precise Heat Load calculations and designs, before being put into action.

Due to the intense heat of the UAE summer, air conditioning technicians are in high demand between the months of April and August. Consistent and eco-friendly HVAC systems are essential for maintaining healthy home air quality throughout this time (IAQ). Livisis LLC, and other air conditioning contractors like them, are indispensable in such a climate. Livius has a top-notch technical team that can design and install HVAC systems that keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, creating pleasant indoor environments for residents and employees alike that can boost productivity.

Livius provides air conditioning contracting services for a wide variety of buildings, including homes, enterprises, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, shops, industries, bus terminals, and more. In addition to being a leading UAE air conditioning contractor, Livisis provides a full suite of turnkey services, such as duct distribution works, industrial extraction, and ventilation systems, smart thermostat installations, building management system (BMS) integration, and home automation system installation.

Our Promise & Delivery

We pledge to provide thorough, effective, and efficient management of all your HVAC systems as a competent and certified provider of AC repairs and AC maintenance services. Our team is committed to serving both residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Regular AC maintenance provides the following benefits:

  1. Extended equipment life
  2. Significantly lower maintenance expenses
  3. Making sure warranties are honored and used as intended.

Condenser Unit

  1. Through closed circuitry, the condenser unit regulates the refrigerant in the air conditioner.
  2. The refrigerant is pumped back and forth between the condenser and the furnace.
  3. Your AC system’s performance is impacted whenever the condenser unit encounters a problem.

Have the condenser unit checked with our technician if:

  1. The AC cooling system has been damaged or diminished in any way
  2. The air coming from the AC unit is identical to the air in the room.
  3. The AC unit may not turn on or may appear to be broken.

Air Duct

Due to the fact that air ducts are dispersed throughout the house and there is always a chance of a leak or other damage, the efficiency of your air conditioner may eventually be compromised, necessitating more extensive maintenance.

You need an AC expert for air duct in case of:

Due to the fact that air ducts are dispersed throughout the house and there is always a chance of a leak or other damage, the efficiency of your air conditioner may eventually be compromised, necessitating more extensive maintenance.

Furnace & Air Conditioner Systems

  • The central engine of both heating and cooling systems is the furnace.
  • Your AC unit’s overall performance would be compromised by any furnace malfunction.

Call our AC repairman for furnace servicing if:

  1. The air conditioner smells strange or makes odd, funny noises
  2. Iced condenser coils
  3. Air filter contamination
  4. Fan and motor stalling
  5. A heat exchanger with a defect