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AC Maintenance companies for AC Repair in Abu Dhabi

To protect your Air Conditioning system or any unnecessary AC Repairs from any , it’s very important to take care of your Air Conditioning System, especially in the summer season if you are living in UAE.

If you are facing issues or problems for AC at your home or office and looking for an instant AC Maintenance & service from a qualified and professional company in the UAE, then FIXERS is ready to help you with AC Maintenance & Repair. We provide quality services for AC Maintenance and Repair Services in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices. Just get relaxed and let our Ac Technicians solve your issues in the right way.

FIXERS have qualified, highly trained and expert team for Home Maintenance & Repair and certified AC Technicians who will deliver the best quality service across the UAE.

Our Air Conditioning Services include:

  • AC Installation Services – Installation of new AC units.
  • AC Repair Services – Repairing and Fixing issues of your AC for all kinds of AC .
  • Ac Maintenance Services – Cleaning and maintaining your AC to prevent it from faults.
  • FIXERS provide you the opportunity to save your money with our AC Maintenance Packages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Air Conditioning Services in Abu Dhabi

Our company is leading among all the companies for Ac Maintenance & AC repair services in Abu Dhabi. We have a team of professionals and experts that know how to do a job perfectly and effectively.

We mostly acknowledge and faces these common problems that we need to fix:

  • Cleaning of fan
  • Faulty pressure sensors and temperature
  • Cleaning filters and variable air valves
  • Loose fittings noise or vibration
  • Faulty belts of fans
  • Dust and sand in motor bearings
  • Blocking of AC drain outlets
  • Faults in motors, timers, and relays
  • Faults in thermostat control
  • Blocked filters or dirty air diffusers