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picture frame installation services

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picture frames installation Dubai

Picture Frame Installation Services

If you are in need of a professional hand who can help you with your needs for picture frame installation then, you are certainly on the right page. Yes, we are here to help you with your needs for picture frame installation services. Our team has all the knowledge and experience with which you can certainly get your installation needs covered exactly the way you want. It is very important to get the installation right because it will define the appearance of your property in a very precise way so, you must always get connected to our support executive as we will help you with a lot better solutions which will certainly make it easy for you to have your photo installation needs to be covered without any kind of difficulties at all

Being one of the best names in the business for your home maintenance needs we will never leave you down whenever you are looking for picture frame installation services. Yes, our team has complete knowledge of all kinds of photo installation service needs. So, you can always connect with us and discuss your requirements in detail. We will assist you with the best advice and service which will certainly get the best out of your home or office.

Skilled Team At Your Service

We have the best and most reliable team on board to help you with all your home maintenance needs. Yes, we understand the importance of photo frame installation so, our specialists have the required skills and experience which will certainly make the experience a lot better for you. This is the reason why you must always consider hiring our picture frame installation services and help yourself with the best experience which will always make your property look a lot better. You can always trust our team can we will make sure that you are always benefited from excellent quality service. Our prime objective has always been to help you with the best of experience and allow you to always get your home maintenance needs covered with perfection.

So, you must never think twice and let our team help you out with your needs for all kinds of photo installation services. You can always consider hiring us whether you are in need of a door frame installation service or a hanging art installation service. We will never let you down and make sure that you have your property looking fresh again.

Affordable Solutions

If you are having any kind of budget-related issues then, we are just the right choice for you to consider. Yes, we are here to help you out with all your hangout installation service needs at very affordable pricing. Yes, you can always consider us for all your photo frame-related services which will help you have your home decorated in a very precise way and matching with the latest trends. So, you just need to give our support executives a call whenever you are looking for affordable yet effective photo frame installation services and we will never let you down by covering all your aspects the way you have specified. So, what is making you think so long, just give our team a chance to help you with your home maintenance requirements and we will always help you with the best experience.

Just give us a call now and the letter team helps you out with excellent services related to your home maintenance needs. Whether you are in need of picture frame installation or hanging art installation, we will have it all covered in the most promising manner!


We provide a wide range of photo frame services, all of which can be customized to suit the unique whims and preferences of the client. The team uses a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, metal, and more, to create the perfect encapsulating medium for your photos, memories, or artwork. These resources consist Because they use the most advanced technology, guarantee the use of high-quality materials, and have a staff that is meticulous. If you wish to frame your most treasured memories, you should use our company. If you want to have your most treasured memories framed, you should work with us.


Each stretched canvas is formed by beginning with a print that is made from one of three different substrates that have been carefully selected. After that, the image is stretched onto a bespoke oak frame that we can construct in any size to accommodate the rolled canvas. Our stretched canvas print is given a hand-finished touch by one of the most expert canvas frame crews in the United Arab Emirates. This crew ensures that each corner fold is flawlessly smooth and tight and that all fixing staples are covered with specialized protective tape.

Every one of our stretchers is made to order and dovetail attached, which indicates that they have a mitered M&T connection and may be “tapped in” to tighten the canvas if it has become a little lax over the course of its lifetime.

Although a stretched canvas typically does not require a frame, the presentation of your artwork can be further improved by choosing from our extensive range of tray frames. We need you to get in touch with us through our contact page and tell us the dimensions of your artwork so that we can provide you with an estimate of the cost.


Box frames are not only great for displaying trinkets and other mementos, but they also make excellent photo frames. A box frame is essentially just one frame layered on top of another with the mount placed far into the frame. This gives the appearance that the mount is floating within the frame. Taping the photograph to the reverse of the picture mount is all that is required to produce the desired effect of the image floating. It is truly amazing how well it works.

Because we make each and every one of our box frames to order, we are able to provide you with a wide selection of sizes. These sizes enable your image to be hung at a variety of depths behind the glazing. In addition to being great for framing stuff. There are options for frames that are both narrow and broad; nevertheless, if you would need precise measurements and selections, please visit or get in touch with our staff.


Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, it will say much more if it is shown in a photo frame that is original and creative. Collage photo frames and multi-image frames are fantastic options for those times when you want to show off more of your most cherished photographs all at once. Do not hoard these discoveries to yourself; rather, share them with your loved ones and close friends in the shape of a thoughtful gift in the form of a multi-photo frame that is stuffed with remembrances.

Collage Photo Print service, we gather all of your most memorable experiences in a single place for you. It includes a premium mount that has been finished and is ready to hang in a bespoke wooden frame. It is not necessary to print a carefully selected variety of everyday occurrences and then file them away. You’ll be able to show them off to others if you first turn your most treasured photo prints into stunning works of framed wall art. After placing your order for the multi-opening frame, all you need to do is position your prints inside the openings that have been pre-cut for them, or you can send us a unique arrangement and we will manufacture it for you. Our collage frames are all crafted by hand in the UAE where we are located. Your prints will have a very crisp and clear appearance due to the fact that the building of your frames is carried out using only the highest quality materials.


Canvas floating frames give the impression that the canvas you hang within the frame is floating in the space that the frame delineates. Because the edge of the painting or canvas print is not covered and the entire canvas is exposed, these frames are often used for showing gallery wrap canvases. This eliminates any opportunity for interpretation as the canvases are displayed in their entirety. QUBE Art Gallery is thrilled to introduce our brand-new assortment of floating frames, which serve as the ideal supplement to our existing inventory of canvas frames. obtainable in a large number of permutations and configurations. For painters, photographers, and resellers who want to frame their original or reproduction canvas panels, as well as for people who want to display three-dimensional objects floating in a tray frame, these frames provide an option that is ready-made.


A shadow box is an enclosed picture frame with a glass front that can be used to retain and exhibit objects that are important or special to the person who owns the shadow box. These shadow boxes are meant to hold and display your valuable mementos. They are deeper than our ordinary picture frames so they can accommodate more items. A shadow box frame is an excellent choice for displaying a wide variety of objects, including castings of infants, sculptures, figurines, and finished works of art, among other things. At QUBE Art Gallery, the shadow box frames that we provide can be customized in a variety of ways, including the choice of mount color, the size of the frame, and more. In the event that you are unable to locate the information that you require, kindly get in contact with us so that we may determine whether or not we are able to be of assistance.


The cost of the item will decide how it should be presented, and a bespoke frame is by its very nature a particular approach to each piece of art. Our primary focus is on bespoke picture framing. When you frame a piece of artwork, whether it be an original Picasso, a child’s painting, a photograph, or a newspaper clipping, the goal is to preserve the artwork and display it in the best possible light. Although purchasing a ready-made frame that is offered in a selection of standard sizes and moldings may be the most convenient choice, there is no assurance that the artwork will be displayed in the most effective manner by doing so. Both the quality and worth of the work will increase after it is framed by a professional. At QUBE Art Gallery, we have the ability to create a one-of-a-kind mix of frames, bevel mounts, and any other components that might be required to successfully exhibit the artwork.

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