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HVAC Companies in Dubai

Are you looking for a professional HVAC company in Dubai to help you with your needs of repair and maintenance needs? We are here to make it easy for you to get all your maintenance and repair needs covered in the most convenient manner and that too within your given time.

Yes, we have the right approach and specialist to make it easy for you to get your HVAC running without any kind of difficulties. This is the reason why we have become one of the most reliable and professional HVAC companies in Dubai to take complete responsibility and give you an excellent service that will certainly allow you to have your machine which is working without a single Glitch for sure.

We have the required knowledge and experience about all kinds of HVAC servicing needs so, you can always trust us and let our team help you with excellent solutions whenever you are in need of services. Yes, being the best HVAC company Dubai has, we will never let you down in terms of quality of services but also make sure that this is not a single problem coming your way after we have provided you with the required solution.

Experienced Team At Your Service

Our team of online experienced professionals will never let you down and make sure that you are able to have your different service needs covered exactly the way you would have liked to. Yes, being the best easy contractors in Dubai, our professionals will make sure that you are benefited from quality service which will always give you complete value for money. Our team has the required knowledge and experience of providing services that will certainly get your device running Just The Way It was a while purchased. So, you must never get leads and get connected to the best in-house team to have your different HVAC maintenance service needs covered.

You can always connect and let our team know about the problems you are facing and we will initiate ahead with the best solution and make sure that all your needs are covered without any kind of difficulties. This is the reason we have become one of the best and most reliable HVAC companies to work with and you can always expect nothing but quality service and that too exactly the way you would have liked to. Yes, we will work according to your convenience and be at your place does the time when you wanted. So, do not hesitate and hire our team now for an excellent experience!

Affordable HVAC Repair Services

We being one of the most prominent names in the business will never disappoint you whatever the problem. And the best part of getting yourself connected to our support executive is that you will get excellent services at very low pricing. Yes, our HVAC contractors will never let you down whatever the service needs and help you out in the quickest possible time which will have your device working like new again.

So, you must never think twice and let our professionals help you out with complete maintenance which will never allow any kind of disturbance to come your way. You just need to connect with our support executive and give them the best of opportunities which will certainly help you have an experience like never before. So, do not hesitate and give us a call now whenever you are in need of excellent service. Our team will never let you down at all costs.

AC Services/HVAC Work

Need AC installation, maintenance, or moving help? We know AC. Contact our qualified professional for an AC service cost estimate.

Want to save money on AC maintenance and repairs? Opt for our annual maintenance packages!

Because we are well aware that AC breakdowns can occur at any time and may even require an expensive repair, we make it a priority at MJ Facilities to keep the cost of your repair and maintenance as low as possible. If you are interested in saving money on the services provided by your air conditioner, you should not be reluctant to investigate the maintenance packages that we offer. Contacting us will allow you to obtain all of the information regarding the various packages that we have offered.

We provide maintenance for any brand and model of air conditioner:

  • Window units, Package units, Duct split units, Split AC units, Cassette type AC units, Chiller units, Freezer/Cooler units, and Other Types of Air Conditioning Units

What Maintenance Does The Air Conditioner Need?

  • Maintenance must be performed on a consistent basis on the coils, filters, and fins of an air conditioner in order for it to function effectively and efficiently. If you put off necessary maintenance on your air conditioner, its efficiency will gradually decrease, and it will use more energy. If you continue to put off maintenance, the problem will only get worse. When performing maintenance on an air conditioner, some important considerations include the following:
  • cleaning of filters for use in air conditioners
  • Air conditioning coil maintenance and cleaning
  • Coil-comb fins
  • Window seals and drains for the condensation that collects on an air conditioner in a room
  • Putting a cover on the outside air conditioning unit

Hire A Professional

If you are dissatisfied with your air conditioner or if it is not performing as well as it did in the past, you should get in touch with a trained professional to have them inspect it and ensure that it is running at the most effective level possible. An experienced technician will be able to promptly diagnose and fix any issues that you are having with your air conditioner.

A technical expert is required to:

  1. In order to check for leaks in refrigerant, you need to use a leak detector.
  2. Utilize an evaporator coil as a tool for airflow measurement.
  3. Check to see that the order of the electric control sequence is correct.
  4. Make sure all of the electrical connections are secure, then clean and tighten them.
  5. If it is necessary, apply a coating that is not conducive.
  6. Check and maintain the belts’ tension at regular intervals.
  7. Investigate the precision of the thermostat.


We will make it easy for you to install your new air conditioner when it comes time to do so.

In the context of commercial and residential property, the term “HVAC” refers to anything from your air conditioner. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning are the three components that make up the HVAC system. Our company is an AC contractor in Dubai, and we provide our customers with proactive problem-solving support. The members of our staff think creatively and provide intelligent advice and input at every stage of the process, from the design phase to the maintenance phase.

The primary objectives of an effective HVAC system are temperature regulation and the provision of a comfortable environment inside the building. Our staff has undergone thorough training in the installation and repair of a wide range of air conditioning systems, including those used in homes and businesses. Maintenance, repair, and installation of various kinds of air conditioning systems, including those that use chilled water, are all within our scope of expertise.

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