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Which company is best for curtains?

Choosing new curtains for your home is an exciting process. With so many options to consider from colors and fabrics to lengths and styles, deciding on the right company for your curtain needs can seem overwhelming. This article provides helpful guidance on the top curtain retailers and brands based on important factors like quality, cost, customization options and more.

Which company is best for curtains?

Trusted Retailers of Quality Curtains

When purchasing window curtains, it’s crucial to buy from retailers that offer durable and well-constructed options. Some signs of quality curtains include:

  • Soft, thick fabrics that block light effectively
  • Sturdy backings and weighted hems
  • Tight, even stitching with no loose threads

We’ve researched major national chains along with specialty online brands to provide recommendations on where to find quality curtains guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Pottery Barn

Founded nearly 70 years ago in San Francisco, Pottery Barn has expanded from its beginnings as a brick and mortar store to a thriving web business offering everything from living room furniture and bath towels to throw pillows and window treatments. Their line of curtains is one of the largest available from a big retailer.

  • Expertise: Pottery Barn’s team of in-house designers focus on creating quality products for every room. Their curtain collection reflects this with beautiful patterns, innovative designs like blackout curtains and curtain panels that effortlessly glide along any type of curtain rod.
  • Variety: With over 625 curtain options to choose from and the ability to filter by style, color, finish, length and more, they offer something for every taste.
  • Affordability: As a sizeable nationwide retailer, their cost often beats smaller niche shops. Even top-end options ring in under $200 per panel.

If you seek a decent selection of timeless, durable curtains across varying price points, Pottery Barn remains hard to beat. Their mid-century collections offer modern flair much trendier than expected.

Home Depot

This national home improvement chain provides budget to high-end selections from trusted names like Sun Zero and Commonwealth for your window dressing needs.

  • Energy Efficient Options: Home Depot stocks industry leading blackout and insulation curtains ideal for heat control and blocking light.
  • Measuring and Install: Take the guess work out of getting the correct size with the store’s in-house measuring and professional install program.
  • Onsite Help: Employees receive extensive product knowledge training making them a fantastic free resource for narrowing options.

The wide range of styles and reliability make this retailer a top contendor if you seek quality curtains from well-known brands. Convenience factors also rate highly when choosing Home Depot.

Beyond Stores

A few lesser known online specialty shops provide quality curtains more unique than mass retailers:

Overstock stocks an impressive variety of blackout to sheer to valance to embroidered styles with many top brands represented at discount prices.

Lands Downunder focuses specifically on offering Australian and New Zealand textiles to the US consumer including linens like their vibranta fabric providing a soft glow ideal for nurseries or bathrooms.

Society6 turns works of art into fade resistant curtains through their printed polyester panels with sizes up to 110 inches wide by massive 288 inches long for extremely tall windows.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Shop early. Custom length options sometimes require extra lead time. Better retailers project wait windows clearly on the product page.
  • Take exact measurements and read size charts. Nothing proves more frustrating than panels too small after excitedly waiting for delivery. Calculate precise heights and widths before ordering.
  • Ask about return policies and keep packaging. Accidents happen. Packages get damaged. Ensure you check return rules in case panels fail to meet expectations.

Getting the Right Fit: Measure Twice, Buy Once

Figuring correct curtain dimensions seems daunting but only requires two essential numbers – total width from wall to wall and desired length measuring from the top of the rod to where you want the curtains to stop.

Ensure you have a tape measure and write down sizes as you go along. For width, simply measure across the entire window opening or wall-to-wall depending on your desired coverage. Just note many retailers exclude the necessary overlap in their sizing charts so adding an extra width is ideal if planning side draws or layering with sheers. For length, decide if you want the curtains to just skim the floor or puddle onto it then measure accordingly from the top curtain rod screw to the floor below.

Once armed with precise numbers, you’ll breeze through ordering hassle-free. Some specialty shops even offer custom-made options when nothing standard fits perfectly. Just plan ahead as bespoke treatments often quote 10-12 week timelines.

Fabric and Style Selection

With measurements complete, deciding on the right styles and fabrics likely causes greater struggles. Do you want something light filtering like sheers or opt for effective light cancellation through blackouts? What colors and patterns fit your existing room decor? Get inspired for the curtains that perfectly fill your needs using our handy guide of options before finalizing an order.

Fabric Types

Cottons/Linens give off an elegant, laidback vibe perfect for nurseries to master bedrooms. Choose textured options like belgian linen for light filtering minus the uniform sheerness of poorer quality cottons prone to wrinkling.

Faux Silks / Polyesters bring sheen at budget pricing that stylishly emulates luxe silks. Carefully crafted patterns like damasks take well to the faux versions and help hide wrinkles.

Blackout Fabrics utilize thick weaves plus insulation or rubberized backing to fully darken rooms. For bedroom blackouts, ensure UL certified options that block infrared also reducing outside temperatures that disturb sleep.

Sheers let daylight filter gently into a space. Layer over other panels for adjusting privacy. Upscale bamboo, silk, cotton blends provide sheer minus the cheap look of discount poly sheers prone to snagging.


Rod Pocket panels offer the most variety across pricing and typically include widths from 40 to 240 inches. Measure carefully as sizing varies across retailers.

Grommet Top panels provide a more modern, clean look. Make sure grommets properly fit the curtain rod size.

Tab Top curtains save time ironing out linens since the tabs hide behind the rod. Often heavier fabrics like blackout textiles utilize this fastener style.

Back Tab curtains place tabs mid-panel behind the front layer allowing quick readjustments day to night.


Sill Length lightly skims the floor without much movement providing a clean line.

Floor Length gently pools onto flooring without bunching.

Puddled piles more substantially adding drama better for very tall ceilings or generously wide windows.

Special Considerations

Specific functional needs or style preferences help determine extra criteria when choosing curtains:

Sheer Layering: Particularly with blackout panels, adding pretty sheers maintain privacy during daylight when harsher dark panels get drawn back to let sun in.

Thermal Insulation: Bedrooms and media rooms need effective light blocking. Seek out thicker, often rubber backed “blackout-lined” fabrics preventing heat transfer for both room darkening and climate control.

Window Height: Extra tall verticals and difficult to fit shapes require more precise measuring and often custom fabrication. Make sure to research sizing limitations before buying.

Texture/Embellishment: Pattern lovers get drawn to textures like belgian linens in solids and stripes or damask/lace fabric manipulations that emulate ornate carved designs through flocked flocking techniques.

Children: Prioritize durability and easy cleaning choosing natural fibers over cheaper synthetics prone to snagging. Ensure tabs and cords safely out of reach.

No matter your priority – room darkening, style, budget or child safety – following precise measuring advice coupled with understanding different fabrics and terminology makes settling on the perfect curtains far less intimidating. Arm yourself with helpful information before ordering and you’ll adore your custom fitted, well-crafted window treatments adding the ideal finishing touch to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Quality retailers like Pottery Barn and specialty boutiques offer wide variety across durability, styles and pricing tiers.
  • Precisely measure window widths wall-to-wall and desired curtain length from rod to floor before ordering.
  • Choose fabrics and styles suited for room use from sheers to blackouts and rod pocket panels to grommet tops.
  • Light filtering linens and faux silks provide pleasing textures while blackout lined panels fully darken bedrooms.
  • Carefully measure tall verticals and unique shapes which often require custom fabrication.


Decorating your windows properly pulls a room together visually while controlling light for both ambiance and privacy. Hopefully this breakdown demystifies the process of finding quality curtains across top retailers that specifically fit your functional needs and personal tastes through style selections and properly measured sizing. Confidently navigate the abundant options using the knowledge above as your helpful guide. Choosing well-made curtains mimicking more expensive looks no longer requires paying high designer prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to buy cheap curtains online?
A: Overstock, Amazon, and big box stores like Target and Walmart offer very inexpensive curtains but inspect fabric quality closely when purchasing discounted textiles.

Q: What length curtains should I get?
A: Choose sill length lightly skimming the floor, floor length gently pooling or puddled curtains for generous floor piles depending on personal preference. Measure carefully from top of hanging rod to floor.

Q: How wide do curtain panels need to be?
A: Measure across the entire window frame opening then add additional width for side overlaps and draws or potential shrinkage. Quality retailers account for necessary overlay so preview width charts before ordering.

Q: Should curtain rod be wider than window?
A: Yes, extend 3 to 6 inches wider than the window frame on either side allowing for stackback and light overlap when opened. Extend past window edges more for drawing curtains to the side.

Q: What curtains are in style 2022?
A: Linen and linen blends, velvet for luxe styling, textured blackouts, delicate sheers layered over panels and curved rods extending past window edges for a modern architectural look.

Q: How do I choose a curtain rod?
A: Determine needed width, choose complementary style – modern, classic etc, make sure weight capacity handles your curtains then buy quality hardware preventing sagging and smoothly operating.

Q: Why are my white curtains turning yellow?
A: Sun fading and soiling over time naturally ding whites. Wash regularly following label instructions in cool water with bleach alternative safe for fabric and line dry instead of machine heat further degrading fibers over time.

Q: How to hang curtains high and wide?
A: Use longer than standard rods, extending 12 to 24 inches past window edges, mounted close to ceiling line using bracket hardware anchored securely into studs or robust hollow wall anchors.

Q: What color curtains make a room look bigger?
A: Light tones from whites and neutrals to soft greys reflect light making spaces appear larger and brighter.

Q: Should living room curtains touch the floor?
A: If going floor length for a cleaner line, use lined panels with weighted hems preventing vacuum kicked dust and dirt from soiling fabrics. Or choose sill length hovering above floors when not using lined styles. Just avoid awkward in-between undefined lengths.

Q: Why are my curtains wrinkled?
A: Wrinkling comes from poor fabric quality, over starching, incorrect cleaning methods degrading fibers and inadequate width allowing air circulation. Press gently as needed once hung using fabric appropriate heat.

Q: How do I hang blackout curtains?
A: Follow the same measuring guidelines and mounting placement over or outside window frames. Ensure side overlap for coverage gaps. Clip blackout vertical seam edges cleanly together onto rods blocking peekaboo light leakage.

Q: Where to buy silk curtains?
A: Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and custom workroom sellers on Etsy offer high-end quality silks or faux silks mimicking the delicate drape of real silk at affordable pricing.

Q: What wall color goes with red curtains?
A: Deep charcoal greys to varied blues to earthen taupes beautifully balance vibrant red curtains. Pull one hue from patterns as the wall color for seamless cohesion with minimal contrast against vibrant reds overpowering space.

Q: How wide for patio door curtains?
A: Since patio doors are essentially very wide windows, extend rod ends a minimum 12 inches past frame edges for adequate side stackback and overlap. 90 to 144 inch panels provide coverage without needing to special order oversized widths.

Q: Do dry cleaners press curtains?
A: Yes. Unlike home methods leaving creases in delicate fabrics, dry cleaner hydraulic pressing evenly smooths and shapes curtain panels revitalizing their hang and finish.

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