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What is the trend for bedroom curtains?

Bedroom curtains remain an integral part of home décor and designers predict several curtain trends for 2023 and beyond. By opting for the latest styles, colors, fabrics, and features, you can easily elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

What is the trend for bedroom curtains?

Increasing Popularity of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains that block sunlight and noise are gaining widespread popularity. Homeowners appreciate blackout curtains for:

  • Providing privacy
  • Darkening rooms for undisturbed sleep
  • Reducing outside noise
  • Helping maintain comfortable room temperatures

Blackout curtain styles range from simple solid panels to elaborately designed thermal-lined curtains. Various fabrics like cotton, linen, velvet, and faux silk are used with blackout linings for light blocking efficiency.

Bolder Colors and Patterns

Vibrant solids, energizing patterns like botanical and geometric prints, and multi-colored curtain panels will be on trend. These lively curtains can transform the entire look and feel of your sleeping space.

Some best-selling curtain colors for 2023:

  • Sapphire blue
  • Vibrant orange
  • Bright yellow
  • Emerald green
  • Rich purple

If neutrals better suit your style, go for textures like bouclé, velvet, chenille, or embroidered cotton.

Sustainability Matters

Eco-conscious consumers prefer sustainably produced natural fiber curtains like organic cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo. These renewable/biodegradable fabrics have a lower carbon footprint compared to synthetic curtains.

Certifications to look for include:

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Additionally, recycled polyester made from plastic bottle waste offers durability without depleting resources.

Smart Home Integration

Smart motorized curtains are entering households for convenience and energy efficiency. These can open/close via voice controls, smartphone apps, preset schedules, or automated systems.

Smart curtains help:

  • Automate natural light and privacy
  • Reduce heating/cooling expenses
  • Provide security while away
  • Suit disabled/elderly users

Sheer Curtains Still Relevant

Sheer curtains that filter light remain popular for their soft, lightweight elegance. Breezy sheers boost airiness and harmonize beautifully with other curtains.

Choices range from flowing sheer voiles to subtly textured opaque sheers. Neutral white/ecru sheers suit traditional tastes while bold sheers in crimson, navy, chartreuse, etc. provide modern punch.

Layering In Vogue

Creative layering with different curtain lengths, textures, and levels of opacity is trending. Lightweight sheers hung inside substantial drapes, taller curtains paired with Café-length tiers, and contrasting liner and front panels all provide dimension. This blended approach lends depth, height, and style to windows.

Key Takeaways

Some curtains hot for 2023:

 Blackout  Vibrant colors and energetic patterns  Sustainable natural fabrics  Smart motorized  Sheer  Layered

Opt for these of-the-moment styles to revamp your bedroom in line with current trends.


Bedroom curtains remain a customizable essential. As predicted trends reveal, homeowners seek both function and fashion from their curtains through blackout efficiency, bold colors/patterns, eco-friendly materials, smart technology integration, soft sheers, and creative layering.

By harmonizing curtains with your existing décor while adding a modern touch, you can fashion a sleep sanctuary that promotes comfort and reflects your unique taste.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What colors for bedroom curtains are in style?
    Bold saturated hues like sapphire blue, bright orange, lemon yellow, rich purple, emerald green, and vibrant red make a stylish statement. Classic neutrals like white, beige, gray, and black also remain popular.
  2. What fabric is best for bedroom curtains?
    Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk suit bedrooms well for their softness, breathability, easy maintenance, and light/temperature regulation. For total light blocking, choose comfortably thick fabrics with blackout linings.
  3. What is the most popular style of bedroom curtains right now?
    Blackout curtains lead bedroom curtain trends with their light/noise blocking abilities that aid sleep, privacy, and climate/energy efficiency. Sheer curtains also remain sought-after for providing breezy elegance.
  4. How do I choose the right curtains for my bedroom?
    Consider size, hanging height, total window coverage, ease of opening/closing, insulation needs, light control, style matching with your decor, and maintenance. Scale curtains to properly fit the window when open/closed.
  5. Should bedroom curtains touch the floor?
    Not necessarily. Standard floor-length curtains can collect dust while very short curtains may look skimpy. For functionality and proportions, choose curtains that just kiss the floor or trail slightly. Or try trendy Café-length curtains.
  6. How wide should curtains be for a bedroom window?
    For adequate overlay when closed, panels should each be at least twice the window’s width. Or, measure 3 times the width if wanting the curtains pulled back with pleating. Wider still allows lavish draping.
  7. What length do I need for bedroom curtains?
    Standard window height plus 10-15″ extra for subtle puddling/stacking allows flexibility. Or try sill/apron length for functionality, Café for legs, or ceiling to floor for drama. Adjust to window type and personal preference.
  8. Should you have curtains in the bedroom?
    Yes, curtains provide privacy, insulation, decor unity, and style in bedrooms. Sheers beautifully filter light while blackouts thoroughly darken rooms. And layered combos bridge sheer airiness and blackout function.
  9. What curtain length is best for bedroom furniture?
    To clear nightstands and accentuate beds/headboards, puddle curtains just skimming the floor create a cohesive backdrop. For legroom without hemming drapes, calf-level Café panels work well. Adjust length to your furniture height and style.
  10. Do blackout curtains look nice?
    Yes, today’s blackout curtains are elegantly designed with gorgeous colors/patterns in rich fabrics like velvet, linen, chenille, and textured cotton. Thermal inserts and blackout linings discreetly block light for beauty and function.
  11. Should blackout curtains match?
    Not necessarily. Stylish mismatched patterns/solids lend depth. But take care to coordinate colors and fabrics to keep the relaxed vibe from becoming chaotic. Layer sheers/drapes over blackouts for harmony.
  12. Are noisy curtains bad for sleeping?
    It depends. Light fabrics that rustle mildly with airflow can provide soothing white noise. But loudly swishing panels that flap, dense velvets that exhale heavily, and hardware that rattles can disrupt sleep.
  13. Can curtains make a room look bigger?
    Yes. Floor-length curtains draw eyes down to create the illusion of height. Sheer panels reveal more light/space. Layering elongated sheers behind curtains furthers the airy expansive look. Wide ceiling-mounted tracks also enlarge rooms.
  14. Should living room and bedroom curtains match?
    If the spaces adjoin closely, complementary patterns/solids maintain flow. But it’s not compulsory for separated rooms. Coordinate colors loosely or experiment with contrasting schemes. Choose functional fabrics suited to each room’s use.
  15. Are curtains better than blinds in bedrooms?
    In bedrooms, curtains tend to enhance comfort and style better than blinds with their softer look, feel, and acoustic properties. But layering blinds for light/insulation with curtains for beauty and privacy also works wonderfully.
  16. How do I choose a curtain rod for my bedroom?
    Consider style matching your decor, optimal length for complete window coverage, coordinated visual weight for your curtains, durability for smooth opening/closing, easy installation, and any needs special curtains like blackouts/sheers have.
  17. Why are my bedroom curtains always wrinkled?
    Wrinkles emerge from curtains being bunched while closed. Try specialist anti-wrinkle spray coating. Or switch to wrinkle-resistant fabrics like polyester-cotton blends. Allowing curtains room to neatly puddle when open also helps.
  18. How often should you wash bedroom curtains?
    Unless visibly dusty/soiled, launder light-use bedroom curtains just 1-2 times a year to maintain their look and durability. Spot clean when needed. Follow label instructions on cleaning method and maximum washing frequency.
  19. What accessories work well with bedroom curtains?
    Attractive accessories like tiebacks, finials, and holdbacks enhance bedroom curtains. Go for coordinating metals and fabrics or contrast vibrantly. Curtain rods, tracks, canopy frames, and scarf swags also accentuate curtains.
  20. Do professional designers recommend patterned bedroom curtains?
    It depends on context. In large imposing spaces, lively graphic prints add warmth. But small rooms easily appear chaotic with multi-prints. Here, limit patterns only to cushion trims or artworks for harmony. Seek professional advice for optimal styling.

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