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How much does it cost to hang a curtain rod?

Hanging curtain rods can seem like a simple task, but costs can add up when factoring in materials, tools, hardware, and potential installation fees. This guide breaks down all the costs associated with hanging curtain rods, so you can budget properly for your window treatment project.

How much does it cost to hang a curtain rod?

Materials and Hardware

The main costs for hanging a curtain rod are the rod itself and the mounting hardware.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rod prices range widely depending on the material, diameter, length, and design:

  • Basic metal or plastic curtain rods – $10 to $50
  • Wood rods – $15 to $150
  • Decorative or specialty rods – $80 to $500+

Before buying, measure your windows carefully to ensure a proper fit. Buying too narrow or short of a rod that doesn’t fit your windows adds unnecessary costs.

Mounting Hardware

You’ll also need hardware for mounting your curtain rod securely. Basic mounting brackets start around $5.

Specialty extension or telescoping rods require hardware kits ranging from $15 to $50. Kits contain screws, anchors, and brackets designed specifically for that rod type.

Without the proper hardware, your curtain rod could fall down or cause wall damage. Never skimp on supporting hardware.


To install curtain rods and hardware properly, you may need the following basic tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder ($15–$50 one-time cost)

If you lack any of these tools, factor those one-time purchases into your project budget. Rushing into installation without the right tools often leads to mistakes, potential injuries, or damage.

Installation Costs

If hanging a curtain rod seems overly complex or perilous, hire an installation professional to ensure it’s done safely and correctly.

The average rate for a handyman to hang curtain rods is $50 to $100 per hour. Typical installations may take 1 to 2 hours. This covers labor, basic materials and hardware, travel fees, and minor wall repairs if needed. Handymen often have the necessary tools and experience identifying studs, avoiding wires, and reinforcing walls properly.

For specialty rods, customized windows, or taller ceilings, many homeowners prefer paying pros to complete the tricky installation work. This option eliminates the hassle and risks of doing it yourself.

Additional Costs to Consider

A few additional expenses add up when hanging curtain rods:

Curtains and drapes – Factor $20 to $600+ per window depending on fabric and fullness. Don’t buy curtains until your rods are mounted within the correct bracket placement and optimal height.

Drywall anchors and repair kits – If walls aren’t sturdy enough for screw mounts, invest $5 to $15 in drywall anchors rated for your rod’s weight and width. Repair holes and cracks for an extra $10 to $30.

Extension rods – For extra wide windows, purchase extension rods ($25 to $75) to connect two smaller rods together securely. Make sure to get compatible extension hardware.

Calculating all these elements before starting your curtain rod installation allows you to budget accurately. Rushed jobs with missing items tend to cost more over time.

Average Cost to Hang a Curtain Rod

For a standard window in good condition, you can expect to spend $75 to $200 to hang a curtain rod professionally, including basic rod, hardware, and installation.

On average, DIY installations run $30 to $100 total, assuming you have the tools and ability to mount the hardware securely without damages.

Specialty curtains, custom jobs, or complex installations could cost $100 to $500+ when factoring high-end rods, hardware, extensions, repairs, and professional installation fees.

Knowing typical price ranges helps you plan your project spending wisely.

Key Takeaways on Curtain Rod Installation Costs

Hanging a window curtain rod seems simple but requires careful planning and budgeting. Before installing, consider these cost factors:

  • Measure accurately for proper rod length and window clearance
  • Account for quality hardware suited for the rod’s weight and width
  • Factor specialty tools like stud finders and levels
  • Drywall repairs add costs for unstable walls
  • Professional installation averages $50–$100 per hour
  • Specialty or custom jobs could run $500+
  • Take time to do it right to avoid unnecessary expenses or rework

With the right preparation and budget, you can install beautiful, functional curtain rods affordably.


Hanging curtain rods often costs more than just the rod itself when done properly. From specialty hardware and tools to repairs and professional services, many additional expenses play into the total project investment. With accurate window measurements, the right materials and process, and reasonable expectations on cost, you can install lovely curtain rods to windows of any size, shape, and height. Just focus on doing it correctly versus quickly to avoid unnecessary expenses down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to hang a curtain rod and curtains?
    The total cost for rod, hardware, curtains, and installation averages $150-$500 per standard window depending on materials. Complex jobs with specialty rods, hardware and curtains could run $800+.
  2. Is it cheaper to hang curtains or blinds?
    Blinds tend to cost less than curtains, averaging $100-$300 per window installed. But curtains provide greater customization for larger windows. Consider both options when budgeting window treatments.
  3.  Can you hang a curtain rod without drilling?
    It’s possible but not recommended. Adhesive hooks often damage walls when rods are pulled down. Proper screw mounting into studs or drywall anchors provides the most secure rod installation.
  4. How do you hang a curtain rod on a concrete wall?
    Use masonry anchors and screws specifically designed for concrete rather than standard drywall anchors. This provides a firm hold in concrete for heavy window treatment hardware.
  5.  Should curtain rods be wider than the window?
    Yes, curtain rods should extend 12-18 inches beyond the window frame on each side. This allows curtains to open and close freely without obstruction.
  6. How high should you hang curtain rods?
    Standard height is 6-12 inches above the window frame. But adjust to your curtain length and mounting type for optimal light control and visual balance.
  7. How do you hang a curtain rod on uneven walls?
    Use adjustable extension brackets to compensate for uneven walls. Rotating and locking mounts conform the rod angle to fit uneven surfaces.
  8. How do you temporarily hang curtains?
    Spring-tension rods ($10-$30) conveniently fit inside window frames with adjustable tension rather than wall mounting. These temporary rods easily install and remove without hardware or holes.
  9. How much weight can a curtain rod hold?
    Light pins and plastic rods hold around 10-15 lbs. Heavy duty steel telescoping rods with reinforced bracing can hold 50+ lbs for heavier curtains. Match the rod duty rating to your curtain material weight.
  10. How wide of a curtain rod do I need?
    Select a rod at least 2 inches wider than your actual window frame width. This prevents curtains from stacking too narrow.
  11. How much do electrician install curtains cost?
    Hardwired motorized curtains average $1,500+ per window installed. That covers the electric mechanisms, programming, wiring, permits, labor and integration costs for custom automation.
  12. Can you mount a curtain rod to plaster walls?
    Yes, use toggle bolts with broad weight distribution, or hollow wall anchors for more holding strength in shallow plaster over lath walls.
  13. What curtains are cheapest?
    Polyester curtains ($20+) are the most affordable option. For $30+, consider energy efficient blackout or thermal curtains. Floor length, sound dampening, and custom curtains run $75+.
  14. Can Command strips hold curtains?
    Never rely solely on Command strips for curtains due to weight limits and failure risks. Use very lightweight valence-only panels below 5 pounds at most.
  15. What is the most cost effective window covering?
    Vinyl roll up shades ($20-$100 installed) balance affordability, ease of use and insulation. Layer curtains over shades to customize style.
  16.  How do you temporarily darken a bedroom window?
    Use removable blackout film ($12-$30) or temporary blackout shades ($25+). These reusable options block light effectively without hardware or permanent mounting.
  17.  How wide should curtain panels be for French doors?
    For doors with two operating panels, allow a 4-6 inch overlay covering each door’s inner edge without obstructing openings.
  18. How much do custom size curtains cost?
    Expect to pay $100 to $500 per panel for made-to-measure curtains outside standard sizes. Additional charges apply for specialty fabrics, blackout linings, embellishments, shipping and rush orders.
  19. Should you hang rods before painting?
    Only hang rods after painting. Wall prep and paint splatter often damage newly installed rods. Use removable masking to keep walls accessible for painting.
  20. Can you hang curtains while renting?
    Yes, use temporary tension rods or removable adhesive hooks to install curtains, then remove without damaging walls or ceilings when moving out. Check your lease first.

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