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How much do nice curtains cost?

Choosing new curtains can transform the look and feel of a room. When considering an investment in high-quality curtains, cost often plays a significant role in decision making. This article provides an overview of the average prices of nice curtains based on material, style, and other factors. We aim to equip readers with helpful information to make informed purchasing choices.

How much do nice curtains cost?

Curtain prices vary greatly depending on the fabric, construction quality, sizes, customization, and brand. In general, inexpensive ready-made curtains cost between $20 and $100 per panel. Mid-range curtains made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen average $100 to $300 per panel. High-end designer curtains often exceed $500 per panel.

Fabric type

The fabric has the most significant impact on cost. Here is an overview:

  • Inexpensive synthetics: Polyester and vinyl curtains are affordable options perfect for decorating on a budget. Plain polyester curtains start around $20 per panel. Printed polyester curtains with textures and patterns cost between $30 and $60 per panel. Vinyl curtains have a similar price point though less selection.
  • Mid-range natural fabrics: Cotton, linen, faux silk, velvet, suede, and more cost between $100 and $300 per panel. These fabrics resist fading, provide insulation, and have an elegant draped appearance.
  • High-end fabrics: Silk, Belgian linen, embroidered fabrics, and delicate specialty textiles cost over $500 per panel. Designer brands use high-quality construction and exclusive fabric treatments.

Style elements

Elaborate details raise the price of curtains:

  • Embellishments: Curtains with embroidery, beading, decorative trims, or hand-painted embellishments have a higher cost. Adding monogramming also increases price.
  • Construction: Curtains made with leading designers and workroom craftsmanship tend to cost more. Details like lined curtains, weighted hems, hidden tabs, and thick interlining improve quality and price.
  • Size: The amount of fabric needed directly impacts cost. Floor-to-ceiling, extra-wide, and custom-cut panels use more yardage. Expect to pay over 30% more for specialty sizes.
Style Average Price Range
Ready-made solid panel $20 – $60
Printed panel $30 – $100
Embroidered panel $80 – $300
Full custom floor-to-ceiling panels $100 – $600+

Additional cost considerations

Other purchasing factors also contribute to price:

  • Brand: Designer brands carry higher price tags for the quality craftsmanship and reputation – often over 50% more for a comparable style.
  • Retailers: Prices can have significant markups when purchasing through furniture stores or specialty boutiques compared to discount retailers or buying direct from manufacturers.
  • Shipping costs: For custom sizes or specialty shapes, consider added shipping expenses for the additional weight and awkward dimensions.
  • Installation: If hiring an experienced window treatment professional, add installation services costing around $100 for labor.

Get the high-end hotel look on a budget

For a luxury window treatment aesthetic at lower price points, consider the following tips:

  • Choose mid-weight woven fabrics like faux silk rather than delicate textiles prone to damage.
  • Install curtains high and wide to maximize the visible fabric while using less yardage.
  • Select blackout lining to prevent light gaps and create the illusion of opulent fullness.
  • Incorporate trim and embellishment only where visible rather than throughout.
  • Install ceiling mounts and decorative finials for enhanced aesthetics without custom fabrication costs.

Key takeaways

When investing in quality curtains, anticipate higher per panel pricing ranging from:

  • $20 to $100+ for ready-made curtains
  • $100 to $300+ for mid-tier custom-look curtains
  • Over $500 per panel for premium designer curtains

With careful selection of fabric and style tailored to fit your budget, you can achieve an elegant window treatment without sacrificing affordability. Evaluate costs and value for long-term satisfaction. Quality curtains that withstand years of use remain the better value over inexpensive panels requiring frequent replacement.


A wide spectrum of nice curtains exists to match diverse budgets and style priorities for any room. Take time to analyze the detailed cost considerations before purchasing. Calculate the total investment based on the number of windows needing dressing. With an understanding of the pricing factors for materials, construction, sizing, and features, you can confidently evaluate choices stretching from basic to high-end. Find the perfect blend of appearance, performance, and price through an informed window curtain buying process. Drapery is a design investment that refreshes your environment for years to come. Choose options bringing you joy within your comfortable means.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average cost for affordable “nice” curtains?
    Basic curtains made from polyester blends that offer ample style and functionality average $30 to $60 per panel, translating to $60 to $120 for a typical window when buying two panels.

  2. What fabric choices look high end but cost less?
    Selecting mid-weight woven fabrics like faux silk or blended linen rather than extremely delicate or expensive textiles can provide a high-end hotel suite aesthetic at budget-friendly price points around $100 to $200 per window.

  3. How much do custom curtains cost versus ready made?
    Off-the-rack ready-made solid color curtain panels can cost as little as $20 per panel. Meanwhile, made-to-measure custom curtains with embellishments, designer fabrics, and exact sizing range from $100 up to $500+ per panel depending on fabric yardage and detailing.

  4. What features increase the cost of curtains?
    Details like embroidery, beading, trims, linings, weighted hems, and other treatments drive up the price in addition to larger sizes requiring more fabric yardage. Going through specialty boutiques also increases price compared to discount retailers.

  5. Can you get an expensive designer look on a budget?
    Using tricks like maximizing visible fabric through high and wide hanging, incorporating embellishments and trim only in key visible areas, selecting affordable linen-look fabrics, and DIY embellishing helps achieve a luxury look at lower price points around $100 per window.

  6. Do installation costs impact budgeting for curtains?
    If hiring a window treatment professional, add approximately $100 per window to incorporate labor fees for properly installing custom curtains. This helps ensure correct hanging for appearance and function.

  7. How much more do custom sizes cost?
    On average, expect to pay at least 30% more for specialty shapes or larger-than-standard sizing requiring additional yardage of fabric.

  8. What type of curtains look nice but are still affordable?
    Polyester panels around $30 to $60 per panel make an affordable choice with style variety. Mid-range faux silk, cotton, linen, velvet, or blended fabric curtains $100 to $200 per panel also balance cost with quality and appearance.

  9. Should you buy the cheapest curtains possible?
    The quality of extremely inexpensive ready-made curtains often suffers, with issues like fading, tearing, and light gaps. Slightly higher investments in customized style and mid-range fabrics around $100 per panel provide longer-lasting performance and appearance.

  10. How do you maximize value from curtain purchases?
    Analyze key details like fabric quality, construction, size needs, and features to identify the best pairing of quality and affordability for your budget. This avoids overspending but also prevent under-investing in options requiring frequent replacing.

  11. Can you price match custom curtains?
    For specialty fabrics and treatments, pricing has minimal flexibility for price matching. But for custom sizing of standard ready-made panels, negotiating discounts around 10% off may be possible, especially when purchasing high volumes.

  12. Should you make DIY curtains to save money?
    If you have strong sewing skills, DIY curtains allow investing more in higher-end fabric purchases while saving on labor. But if not an experienced seamstress, imperfect construction can diminish the aesthetic and durability.

  13. Is there a big difference between discount versus boutique pricing?
    Boutique and specialty showroom curtains often carry at least a 30% markup for the in-store experience and custom design services. Shopping discount online direct from manufacturers saves significantly.

  14. Can you negotiation price on volume purchases?
    For bulk orders of 10+ windows requiring consistent treatments throughout a property, high-volume discounts around 25% off may incentivize companies to negotiate pricing.

  15. What’s the typical price range for blackout curtains?
    Quality blackout curtains that fully block external light average between $30 to $100 per panel. Select upgraded opaque linings and tight construction rather than low-cost poor-quality materials at even lower price points that allow light leakage.

  16. How much more are energy efficient curtains?
    Specialty energy efficient curtains with insulation, weatherproof membranes, and air pockets cost about 40-50% more than standard curtains of the same fabric. Expect to invest $150+ per high-performance EnergyWiseTM panel.

  17. Should you choose curtains with patterns & prints or solid colors?
    Printed curtains cost slightly more at around $30 to $80 per panel compared to plain dyed solid curtains averaging $20 to $60. But patterns help hide dirt and wear over time. Overall value depends on personal style priorities.

  18. Is there a price difference between rod pocket and tab top curtains?
    On average, rod pocket curtain panels run about 20% lower cost over tab top versions. Consider ease of use and how frequently you’ll access windows when weighing this pricing difference of roughly $20 per panel.

  19. How much do professional measurements and quotes cost?
    Expect a small consultation fee around $50 for an in-home design expert to measure windows, assess challenges, provide style recommendations, and quote project pricing based on custom needs before purchase.

  20. When do you need a professional consultation?
    If tackling an intricate bay window, tricky architectural details, large volume of windows, or specific style goals, paying for an expert curtain evaluation provides critical information for budgeting, planning, problem-solving before buying.

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