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Do curtains increase home value?

Adding new curtains or replacing old, worn-out window treatments can increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. The right curtains not only enhance decor but also provide privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. This article explores how different types of curtains can impact home value during resale.

Do curtains increase home value?

When selling your home, first impressions matter tremendously. Along with decluttering and doing general home improvements like painting or replacing flooring, installing new curtains shows buyers you’ve invested in keeping the property updated and well-maintained.

Window treatment impact on home value

During a showing, dated, damaged, or missing window treatments detract from other decor and give the impression that the home needs repairs or remodeling. New curtains make the space look clean, intentional, and move-in ready.

Buyers associate the following with increased property value:

  • A put-together, welcoming appearance
  • Good natural light and outdoor views
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction
  • Privacy

Thoughtfully chosen window treatments check all these boxes and more. They demonstrate your commitment to caring for the home.

Privacy and light control

Curtains in living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms prevent neighbors and passersby from seeing inside. Blinds and blackout curtains block outside light, heat, and cold. This light and temperature control creates a more comfortable indoor environment. It also helps limit UV ray damage to your furnishings and flooring.

Noise reduction

For homes on busy streets or near other noise sources like schools or airports, the right window treatments absorb sound. Curtains noticeably reduce traffic noises and create a quieter, more peaceful setting.

Energy savings

During cold months, curtains provide insulation and prevent heat loss through windows. In warmer temperatures, they block sunlight and help regulate indoor temperatures. Proper light and heat control lowers homeowners’ electric bills. It also extends the lifespan of cooling and heating systems.

Enhanced decor

Curtains pull together a room’s style and color scheme. They soften hard surfaces and add visual interest to plain walls and windows. Thoughtfully coordinated curtains that match the home’s character and design make rooms look finished and upgraded.

Types of curtains and impact on home value

Not all window treatments influence value and appeal equally. Here’s an overview of different curtain types and their ROI potential.

Roman shades – Sophisticated and stylish, these softly folded shades complement both modern and traditional decors. As they raise and lower, the gentle folds create an attractive draped effect over windows. Custom-made roman shades have the highest value for the investment.

Curtain panels – Typically the most affordable option, curtain panels come in endless colors, patterns, and fabrics like linen, velvet, and printed cotton. They fit a range of design aesthetics from casual cottages to dramatic, ornate spaces. For budget-friendly appeal, choose panels in neutral solids or simple patterns.

Blackout curtains – Essential for bedrooms, these tightly woven curtains block outside light. Blackout curtain upgrades show buyers you cared about their comfort. Opt for blackouts in dark neutrals or metallics for broad appeal.

Sheer curtains – Layered over other window treatments, breezy sheers filter light attractively. They provide privacy without sacrificing brightness. Buyers will appreciate how sheers create a soft, welcoming atmosphere.

Custom curtains – For upscale homes, made-to-measure curtains add high-end flair. They dramatically enhance standard windows, highlight architectural details, and convey luxury. The one-of-a-kind look signals careful attention to quality and design.

When to replace curtains before selling

Signs it’s time for new window treatments:

  • Sun damage – Fading, yellowing
  • Worn fabric – Stains, holes, tears
  • Dated style – Unsightly patterns, obsolete colors
  • Poor fit – Sagging, improperly sized panels
  • Broken components – Non-functioning rods or pull cords

Replacing worn curtains shows buyers your commitment to maintenance and upkeep. It also spotlights new upgrades and gives the entire home a fresh facelift.

Cost to install new curtains

The price to install new curtains varies widely depending on the type and quality of the window treatments. When calculating ROI potential, consider both product and installation costs.

Curtain costs

  • Inexpensive panels – $20-$50 per panel
  • Mid-range curtains – $150+ per panel
  • High-end custom – $500+ per window

Installation fees

  • DIY – Free
  • Handyman service – $100+ per window
  • Professional installation – $200+ per window

To maximize value, stick to subtle patterns and versatile neutral tones that will appeal to buyers. Prioritize public living areas and bedrooms over spaces like laundry rooms or storage closets.

Key takeaways

  • New curtains demonstrate your ongoing investment in the home.
  • They influence value by enhancing privacy, comfort, efficiency, style, and curb appeal.
  • Different curtain types have varying ROI potential. Prioritize whole-home coordinating colors and patterns over loud prints or risky color choices in one or two rooms.
  • Replace visibly damaged or dated curtains before listing your home for sale.
  • Installation costs vary widely depending on complexity and who does the work. Focus spend on public and private living areas over utility spaces.

Carefully chosen, properly fitted window treatments show buyers a move-in ready home with upgraded style and livability. The right curtains are an opportunity to add instant equity and visual appeal at resale.


Investing in new curtains or replacing outdated window treatments during pre-listing home improvements pays off. Curtain upgrades make properties more attractive to potential buyers by demonstrating attention to detail, livability, and design.

They increase value by enhancing efficiency, comfort, privacy, and style throughout the home. Different curtain types have varying ROI potential depending on quality, installation fees, and placement. Overall, new curtains signal your ongoing commitment to maintenance and caring for the space. They instantly boost appeal and confer added value at resale.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What rooms should get curtains before selling a house?
    Prioritize public living spaces like the living room and dining room along with private bedrooms and baths. These areas get the most showings traffic, so new curtains make an impression.

  2. How much value do custom curtains add to a home?
    In high-end homes, builder-basic curtain rods and panels make the space look unfinished. Professionally made custom curtains add $10,000 or more in perceived value. They convey luxury and design forethought.

  3. Should curtains match from room to room?
    For whole-home cohesion, use coordinating colors and styles throughout main living areas. Consistency looks polished and intentional. Buyers favor neutral palette curtain upgrades for broad appeal.

  4. Do blackout curtains increase home value?
    Blackout curtains boost value by prioritizing comfort and efficiency. They affirm your investments in livability updates for the next residents. Dark colors like navy blue and charcoal gray appeal widely without seeming too personal or eclectic.

  5. Should you replace old curtains when selling a house?
    Making small but meaningful upgrades like new curtains signals your care for the home. Shoppers associate torn, ill-fitting, and outdated window treatments with deferred maintenance and overdue repairs elsewhere. New curtains make spaces feel fresh.

  6. Does updating curtains increase home value?
    Yes, new curtains make the home look clean, current, and move-in ready. Shoppers see them as evidence of recent upgrades and continued investments that boost livability and style. This perception means updated curtains help attract buyers who will pay top dollar.

  7. What curtain length should you use?
    For fullness, panels should break 1⁄4 inch above the floor without puddling. If they’re too short windows look undersized. Avoid lengths that are too long and prone to vacuum damage or ripped hems. Proper measurement and customization increase overall appeal.

  8. Do sheer curtains add value?
    Layering sheers behind other window panels creates attractive light diffusion. This filters and softens incoming sunlight to make rooms look bright and airy. Illusion of space and welcoming ambiance conferred by sheers boost perceived value.

  9. Should you replace damaged curtains before listing?
    Yes. Visibly torn, stretched out, improperly sized, or mismatched curtains look unappealing. Shoppers get the impression repairs and upgrades were deferred, making them more cautious about other flaws. Fresh window treatments signal better care and pride of ownership.

  10. Do designer label curtains increase value?
    They can, especially in high-end homes. Labels like The Shade Store or Restoration Hardware communicate quality, detail, and customization. Designer curtain upgrades enhance luxury perception, especially if they coordinate beautifully with existing features and finishes.

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