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8 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving can be the worst experience and most stressful job for someone’s life events. We always hope for a smooth transformation, but we always face unexpected hassles and hurdles that occur along the way. However, we can avoid these common moving mistakes that people make while getting ready before the move. Avoid these common moving mistakes to make your move smooth.

1. Not leaving enough time to pack.

A most essential part of any move is “Packing” and this is not what you can do at the last minute. Showing laziness or procrastinate, in last you would be in chaotic and incredibly disorganized. This is not going to help you as you might break or lose your possessions. The best way to prevent from this hectic is to start packing several weeks in advance. You don’t need to sit down and plan in detail which item to pack on which days.

2. Not researching movers.

A professional moving company can make move a lot easier and less stressful. Moreover, it also helps you to save you on moving costs. On the other hand, choosing a wrong moving company can result opposite of it and will turn your move into a nightmare. So, please take a good decision and always choose a fully licensed moving company and check their references. Moving matters a lot for you, so that you don’t want to leave it into wrong hands.

3. Not getting moving estimates.

Getting in-house estimates should include in your to-do list. Before hiring a moving company get estimates from several moving companies. Cost of a move depends on the size of your home this is how moving cost calculator uses moving companies. Getting in-house estimates helps you to choose the budget for moving costs. Some popular moving companies also allow you to get a quote online.

4. Forgetting to label your boxes.

Packing your possessions without label increase your level of stress while unpacking. Always label your boxes before moving as it you will help you when you unpack them. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to know which item is in which box. Unpacking of labelled boxes is easier than unlabeled.

5. Keeping unwanted items.

Keeping unnecessary items when moving, is not a wise option. It is a great way to get rid of unwanted things that you don’t need anymore. It is also important to declutter if you are moving to a smaller place. Make sure to include this step into your checklist before packing up your boxes.

6. Not taking measurements.

It’s another common mistake that people make. You don’t know the actual size of the doors of your new place. So, make sure to take the right measurements before passing your precious furniture through the doors. It will help you to pass everything easily without harming them.

7. Not saving your receipts.

It has seen that people don’t keep receipts after purchasing something. It’s a big mistake that you should avoid as it can help you reduce your moving expenses from the taxes. It is important to keep all your receipts with you or set them aside for later.

8. Waiting too long to transfer your utilities or forward your mail.

If you procrastinate with not updating your utilities or mail address, it can later leave you in trouble. It is important for you to transfer your utilities and forwarding your mail. It should be done on first priority and do as early as possible. Although it is time-consuming processes it will help you a lot later. Visit your nearest post office and fill out necessary forms to update your address. You should also visit your utility provider office and let them know you are moving.

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